How did we come about?

           The inspiration behind Pull-Up-A-Seat came about when one of the developers found that in her area there was a lack of food delivery options around her. As most millennials do now in days, Camille is an avid fan of ordering most things through an app. However, the food apps that were available at the time  worked around limited hours of operation,  by the time your done ordering you were faced with huge price markups, had a lack of available restaurants, and to make matters worst- it was all food that she did not like.  So,  Camille began to look around her and realized that there isn't a shortage of good food around her; it's just that she simply didn't have access to it. For example, her neighbor is an amazing cook, and invited the family over from time to time to join them, but she couldn't just come over whenever she felt like it to eat...and then she had the idea that one day maybe she could 'pull up a seat' of her own.
         So, she began to research and saw so many great things that affirmed her notion about Pull-Up-A-Seat. So many people who are just passionate about cooking operate all throughout her city,  the state of Florida, and throughout the country through social media. A lot of people use social networks to sell 'food plates' or express their passion for certain food trends as 'foodie lovers' or just cooking in general through this medium. However, for a person who is operating their business this way; you find a trend that a person's business is only as big as the individual's own network. Unfortunately, that means for people who may not have heard of this person or know them directly, they are ultimately losing out on a yummy meal.
         As we dove deeper into research, we found out about Cottage Food Operations that just became legal in Florida in 2011 that allows individuals to operate home cooking businesses from their residential kitchen.  'Cottage Food Operations' is permitted in 48 states across the country, and allows for small at home business to prosper in this ever-changing society. We saw that there was a huge community of people who operate under this, and we knew then that we were on to something. There needed to be an app created that finally organized these individuals who have a passion for cooking  and allowed them to compete in the marketplace.  We began reaching out to small cottage food operations, food lovers, and social networking food businesses, and found that there is a huge market for an app like Pull-Up-A-Seat.
        Pull-Up-A-Seat was created to give the individual the power to share their passion of cooking with the world. All around you there's always someone cooking, and the options are endless when you open the door to someone's kitchen. Who knows what you could find? Maybe a fellow gluten free cook, or another paleo diet enthusiast, or maybe the best soul cook food in town. All these options could be around you, as close to you as next door, and all it takes is a food app like, Pull-Up-A-Seat, to open that door for you. 
        The idea of 'pulling up a seat' is not just the option of literally pulling up a seat, but also the idea that you are welcome to come by/in someone's home and enjoy their cooking via takeout, delivery, and/or 'social dining in'.  Pull-Up-A-Seat gives both the cook and the customer more options and a new experience to indulge in. Anyone is able to be a 'host' (cook) on the app and post a listing to share their cooking with the world, and the customer is able to find cheaper, healthier alternatives, cooking around their schedule, and even a new experience with 'social dining in' with our app. This is an app for everyone and if you can see our vision, hopefully, you will want to pull up a seat of your own, and together we can help expose the great flavors of the world!