Pull Up A Seat App Updates

We want to ensure that we are keeping you abreast of all things going on with Pull Up A Seat in regards to the app. We have heard your feedback and suggestions, and we've decided that in order to keep you all in the loop of any changes, updates, or modifications that this would be the best way for you to know that we are definitely listening to you. So, for now on, all updates or announcements, in regards to the app, will be posted here on the front page of the website. We care about making sure that you are enjoying the app and together we're building the best community possible for Pull Up A Seat. 

As of August 18th, 2016 these are all the updates to the app that you can look forward to enjoying from our newest update! We hope that you enjoy them, and as we said before, we're listening to you and really enjoy hearing your feedback. 

  • Onboarding Feature Added To The APP- This explains how to use certain features and welcomes you to the app right when you open the app or first download the app.
  • Foodie/Host Sign-Up Account Changed- We have made the process of becoming a host much smoother, and now you can sign up directly through the app and make money way faster. 
  • ADS- We now have ads enabled on the app. Now you will see Ads hosted by Google AdMobs, and we also created a campaign that makes you aware that we allow for you to advertise yourself, business, or etc on the app! 
  • Keyword Search Feature Has Been Fixed
  • Receipt Feature Has Been Modified- When you make your purchase a summary of your transaction and listing is now e-mailed to you.
  • Alert Feature Has Been Modified- Hosts who have actual sales of listings on the app are now given the information of the customer within the e-mail. 
  • Additional Category To Listing- You are now able to identify if your listing is for social dining or take/out.
  • Pre-Order Feature- We have now added the ability for you to enable your listings to be seen as 'pre-orders' by adding a date to when you plan to have your cooking available. Ensure sales through this feature by allowing hungry customers to pre-order for your amazing cooking.** (Please review on Website More Information On This)
  • Fixed 'All' Category
  • Added 'Social Etiquette'- We now have implemented a standard of how we believe those on the app should behave on the app. We have put together a section on our website for those to review on the ways to post listings, promote listings, behave at social dining, rules at social dining, pick-up rules, and etc.